What is cbd?

CBD (Cannabidyol) is the medical part of the marijuana plant, where THC is the recreational portion of the plant. Essentially you get all of the wonderful benefits of the plant without the sensation of a “high.” You can use CBD while you work, while you play, it’s even legal to drive and take CBD just don’t drive tired!

are your products safe?

All of our products are safer than the nutmeg you have in your kitchen! Unlike alcohol you can’t overdose on marijuana, which means that within reasonable expectations, you can have as much as you feel you need at any given point without worrying about an “overdose.” What the medical profession currently refers to as a “marijuana overdose,” or “Acute Marijuana Exposure” is what we call a THC freak-out. The reality of the situation is that the medical profession has absolutely no studies on Marijuana due to its federal status as a class 1 substance, so currently dispensaries know more about Marijuana than most doctors from simple trial and error.

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how does this work?

All you have to do is fill out our patient registration form one time. From then on out, as long as you have a medical card you’re good to go. Just find what you like on the menu, give us a call, and we’ll be right at your doorstep once you give our driver a delivery time and location.